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Issue # 47 year 13th

There is a great News about Italian Newsletter. Alessandro Benedetti is the new Editor, but Maurizio already has an important role, in fact he is responsible for the printing.

In the editorial we talk about important news: the IFBA website is online, a lot of new boomerang reality like Turkye and Belgium are growing up and important event like EBC 2005 and Italian Championship in Val Vigezzo are round the corner. There is also an Errata Corrige because in the last number we suggested a Buzzard: the famous Aussie-Round shape by Frido Frost and not by Andrea Sgattoni...

The first article is by Antonio, SIBS (Italian Society Sporting Boomerang)’ president. He talk us right about SIBS’ name. It seems that in Italy the word “Society” involves fiscal duties like taxes, documents and so on. So we could change name using the word “Association”. We will see…

Alessandro writes about a very special ranking. It’s a sort of virtual Championship between all the Italian throwers. The scores he uses, are the best for each thrower. Alessandro underline the limits that this ranking has, but also the positives aspects, in fact is subject to changement after each tournaments.

The technical article is written by Giorgio and deal with the throw and with problems related to the boomerang: incorrect tuning, bended elbow, arms with too dihedral and material’s deterioration.

This is only the first part of a series of articles.

Finally you can read about the most frequently asked question in the world of Boomerang like: What is this...a Frisbee? Or: Boomerang really comes back? It’s a different way to laugh about our sport!

Don’t forget to participate to the two contest (construction plan and last page), each one has is price!!!